September 13,2015 by Vedette

Nourishing your skin has never been this rewarding! Introducing—VEDETTE Facial Masks. Vedette offers the best range of beauty facial masks that give your skin the specific nourishing it needs.

For beauty deep within
Vedette Clay Facial Mask is for you, girl! Empowered with properties of soggy mud and mineral salts, Vedette Clay Facial Mask deeply penetrates and cleanses the skin, flushing out impurities to reveal cleaner, brighter skin. Even more, it minimizes pores, prevents wrinkles and stimulates skin blood circulation.


 For younger and radiant look
Get that flawless, younger looking skin with the skin-tightening effect of Vedette Purifying Peel-Off Mask. Its alginate-based paste nourishes the skin by purifying, smoothening and moisturizing the skin.

For natural looking white skin
Enjoy the brighter side of life with soft and radiant skin! Vedette Whitening Mask infuses your skin with vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and 18 amino acids that brightens skin tone, reduces pigmentation and reverses age spots. So all you have to worry about is getting that perfect selfie!

For a pleasurable home-SPA experience
Get the best out of your facial mask with Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet’s nourishing and relaxing effect. Rich in lactic acid, enzymes, minerals and zinc, get smoother, younger skin while relaxing to its delicious-smelling fruity variants.

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