About Vedette

Vedette is one of today’s biggest emerging skin care brands, which offers all natural and pampering facial care products. Vedette (ve·dette or viˈdet/) is a French word which means “a leading star of stage or screen.” True to the word, each Vedette product offers unique variants that address specific skin care needs to give you the that young, vibrant glow—like a star.

We at VEDETTE believe that there is beauty waiting to be rediscovered in each woman, that skin color of the skin doesn’t determine beauty but rather how one takes care of one’s own, that everyone deserves to be pampered and that empowering women begins with providing them more options.

Vedette products have ingredients from the leading skincare manufacturers in Europe and Japan and packaged and in Vietnam, enabling it to be more affordable to the Asian consumers. Vedette is approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and is licensed to be sold by Diwang Adhika Enterprise.

About Diwang Adhika Enterprise

DIWANG ADHIKA ENTERPRISES is a profit-oriented, society-centered company with the purpose of identifying business opportunities in emerging markets globally, creating link to relevant, benefiting markets and developing its full market potential while creating a positive impact to the society. DIWANG ADHIKA ENTERPRISES is certified and registered with Department of Trade and Industry.

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